Writer,producer.TV commentator, fashion designer ,adjunct professor

Born in Tokyo

B.A. from the Law department in Gakushuin University in Japan.

After working at Pia Co., Ltd. that is a publishing company of culture events information, she became a freelance editor, writer and advertising director. Under the motto of "actual scene things happening," she continues to write and speak about classic music , club culture, movies, art, theater, music, food, fashion, and issues related to gender problems from her own unique point of view with her wide range of knowledge an, her keen foresighted taste.

She is also a pioneer in the multiwork style of the Internet age. 

Her wrinting works are : 'Onna Hitori Sushi(If a woman goes to hi-end sushi restaurant alone?)’ (Gentosha Bunko) 'Club Culture!', (Mainichi Shimbun Publishing Office) 'A Woman disguised as a woman' (Shincho Shinsho), 'Pass  over at the age of Forty' (Kadokawa Bunko), and a collection of dialogue with Chizuko UENO "Great pleasure! Life after 3.11" (Gentosha). 'The Way of life as a girl, a disciple of culture ' (Daiwa Shobo), 'Before You make aMess with Men,' (kadokawa Bunko), etc.


The serialized publications are : 'Nayami no Tobira(Life consulting)’ for Nikkei Shimbun, 

'Modern Men's Analysis' Asahi Shimbun Digital & M and 'A Woman's Case Book'.

for monthly magazine Glow.

TV programs she appears as a regular commentator are : on NHK ( Japan's national public broadcasting organization ) ’GOGO Nama.', MX TV 'BarajiroDundee', Nagoya TV 'Dodesuka', and TBS '7 Days Newscaster'. 


She has hosted serial events called Baku-Cla (Explosive Sonic Classics)which encourages new way to listen to classical music. In 2016/2017, she produced a concert at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall, where world-renowned techno DJ, Jeff Mills' classical concert conducted by Andrea Battistoni with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.


In 2016, she launched a fashion brand called “OJOU”means Coquette Ladies  on shop channels TV.


She was a member of the selection committee for the Tsuji Shizuo Food Cultural Award.

Lecturer in the Department of Literature, Faculty of Arts, Nihon University. He was a part-time lecturer at Tokyo Kasei University. Hou 71 director.


Her father was Akira YUYAMA, a classical music composer.

湯山玲子 Reiko YUYAMA



ぴあ株式会社に勤務後、フリーの編集者、ライター、広告ディレクターとして独立。雑誌SWITCHのコントリビュート・エディターなど、STUDIO VOICEを始めとしたカルチャー誌に関わる。現場主義をモットーに、クラブカルチャー、クラシック音楽、映画、アート、演劇、音楽、食、ファッション、ジェンダー等多彩なジャンルを博覧強記とともに横断し、時代性や社会性を加味した独特の視点での、著作、発言を続けている。仕事の内容は多岐にわたるが、どれもがクリエイティヴと編集技術の産物であり、インターネット時代のマルチワークスタイルの先駆者でもある。


著作に『女ひとり寿司』(幻冬舎文庫)、『クラブカルチャー!』(毎日新聞出版局)、『女装する女』(新潮新書)、『四十路越え!』(角川文庫)、『ビッチの触り方』(飛鳥新社)、上野千鶴子との対談『快楽上等! 3.11以降の生き方』(幻冬舎)。『文化系女子という生き方』(大和書房)、二村ヒトシとの対談『日本人はもうセックスしなくなるかも知れない』(幻冬舎文庫)、『男をこじらせる前に』(角川文庫) 等。



NHK「ごごナマ」レギュラー、TBS「新・情報7DAYS ニュースキャスター」などにコメンテーターとしても出演。













著作に『女ひとり寿司』(幻冬舎文庫)、『クラブカルチャー!』(毎日新聞出版局)、『女装する女』(新潮新書)、『四十路越え!』(角川文庫)、上野千鶴子との対談集『快楽上等! 3.11以降の生き方』(幻冬舎)。『文化系女子という生き方』(大和書房)、『男をこじらせる前に』(角川文庫)等。

NHK『ごごナマ』レギュラー、TBS『新・情報7DAYS ニュースキャスター』等に出演。


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